LexelArt Quality Control Service

LexelArt is specialized in sustainable shoe and fashion productions, offering all related services for managing a succesfull fashion brand, starting with the design, branding consultancy and manufacturing. We care and support your project from the idea until the finished production, like a new tree that needs to grow on a study ground. Our company offers you more than 40 years of experience making shoes, combined with the latest innovations of vegan and ecofriendly materials and C02 free production systems. For us, tradition and innovation are the two visions of time, the past and the future, working together for a better present. This achievement had been achieved by the company through its dedication, reliability, transparency and management capacity. The honesty and seriousness of its managers has always earned the trust of its customers. Similarly, that their own brands are popular in the children’s footwear market for defending the rights of animals, promoting love towards nature, through children’s stories that they incorporate in their fashion shows. One of our main values is that fashion and shoe productions can be sustainable and respectful with nature. Our company spirit is as the tree of live, always connecting the fundamentals wih the main values of our customers. The shoe craftmenship always created fashion and social trends,giving us a new perspective of who we are and where we want to be. LexelArt, is using vegan leathers and recycled canvas and rubbers for its ecofriendly customers. Lexelart as a business merger has decided to renew its strategic plan, incorporating the values and principles of a sustainable company within its business model to provide important activity to society. Lexelart offers specialized support in design, material outsourcing, pattern paper tech packs, last and outsole mould development in 2D and 3D prints, development and production capacity for 20.000-50.000 pairs per day, in all the main footwear constructions. Our company offers a wide range of recycled, biodegradable and vegan materials for upper, lining and outsole materials.