QC Tailored for the Footwear Industry

Our company disposes of its own laboratories where all related materials are being tested.

Our technical team reviews the first prototypes and recommend the necessary performance, quality, additional parameter required and performance measures with reference to the industry and market rating.

Design, Choice of materials and constructional faults can cause lower sales or decrease the reputation of your product. Sole adhesion failure and strap breakage can also result in injury to the wearer and must be controlled properly.

To check your product is safe or not, we offer following tests:

  • Heel attachment
  • Sole adhesion
  • Peel strength of adhesive bonds
  • Seam strength
  • Tear strength
  • Colour fastness/stain of upper materials, linings
  • Friction resistance
  • Flexing resistance
  • Colour fastness to water and perspiration
  • Tensile properties of plastics and rubbers
  • Resistance of finish films on upper leather to peeling delamination
  • Temperature resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Strength of Buckle / Strap / Bow / Button / Trim / Ornament
  • Eyelet / D-ring / Ski-hook / Slide fastener / Touch and Close (Velcro tape)
  • Washability of footwear
  • Determination of shoe size

During the whole pre-productions and reception of the shoe materials, our experts retest all values and quality standards of the final product, in order to insure that all used materials fulfil the requested regulations. On the same time, we test during the production periodically the sole adhesion and adhesive bonds strength for guaranteeing the right bonding of the shoes.

Our units produce the major kind of shoe constructions, like Moccasins, Cemented shoes, Stitchdown, Good-Year, Vulca, Strobel, California, Pumps, Sandals, high leg boots, hiking boots and Motocross Boots. Our size ranges include children, men and lady footwear.

Our stitching departments dispose of the very best and newest machine technology, daily quality control, metal sensors to avoid broken needles, making from each pair an exact replica of the confirmed sample. Our stitching departments are well organized and trained. The skills of our staff are permanently controlled and perfectly trained for making complicated stitched uppers, ornaments, high fashioned embroideries, transfers, laser printings, heat emboss, and stone adornments all of the best quality.

In all our departments, we do permanent control and test reports, which are being sent under request to our customers, so that in each moment the production status and quality can be checked and followed. A general control is permanently performed in all our plants, with daily reports with the updated information of how and when each of the orders is being produced.